Buy Once Give Twice

Welcome to Buy Once give twice.

This is our brand new site where we hope to be bringing you links to all the ecommerce sites that allow you to buy goods and also give to charity at the same time.

Many of these sites are about gift giving. We know from our own experiences that sites providing gifts and experiences will be bombarded daily with requests for money from charities. So much so that they now normally ignore them.

This has caused many sites to spring up that provide both gifts but donations to charity along the way. We aim to list the good ones and verify them so that you know they are safe to use.

If you are owners or know of some then please do get in touch. We want to help, but we do have strict controls over who gets registered. Hopefully this will be a great service that everyone can benefit from.

We hope to be online very soon. In the mean time you can visit our sister site (where we came up with the idea here). Great experience days. Feel free to get in contact here. We want to hear of any ideas that you have good or bad to help the charity sector or even the gifts and experiences sector.