My Story To Find The Best Chiropractors

·My First Visit to a Local Chiropractor

I know that many people have mixed feelings about visiting a chiropractic clinic, partly because they do not fully understand what this medical discipline is all about and partly because they are worried that the treatment they receive will hurt. It is because of this that I wanted to relate the story of my very first visit to a local specialist, in Canary Wharf. I hope that my experiences may in some small way help to alleviate the fear that some people feel before their first visit and encourage others who have never considered the subject of chiropractic before to investigate it further.


lMeeting My Chiropractor in Canary Wharf

The first thing that struck me when entering the clinic was how much more relaxing the atmosphere felt compared to my GP’s clinic. I believe that my visit was fairly standard as far as initial consultations go, so I will break it down into its constituent parts to give you a better idea of what you can expect at your first visit.


  • Filling in Forms – The first part of my visit was quite mundane but I can see why it was necessary. I was asked to fill out several forms, detailing my medical history and the symptoms from which I was currently suffering. Although I found it quite tedious, I was also reassured by the professional approach the clinic obviously took with new patients.


  • Chatting to the Consultant – I felt thoroughly relaxed by the time that I was shown in to see my chiropractor and his soothing bedside manner only served to make me feel even more comfortable with the proceedings. I was asked a number of questions relating to the information I had provided on the forms and then it was time for me to ask my own questions. If you have any worries about spinal manipulation or any of the other techniques that chiropractors regularly employ, now is the time to get them out in the open and find out whether your worries are based in reality or fantasy.


  • The Examination – This was the part which I was both looking forward to and dreading, in equal measure. images (2)When you first visit a medical professional in any field, you feel like you are putting your life in their hands, which sometimes you quite literally are. With this in mind, it is not surprising that many of us approach such visits with more than a little trepidation. In my case, my worries were unfounded as the chiropractic examination that I underwent was quite gentle. The consultant tested my reflexes, along with the range of motion in the parts of my body that were causing me problems.

The main part of my first visit was now over and the chiropractor in Canary Wharf who examined me finished up by provided me with a detailed report of his findings.

I could have elected to receive my first round of treatment at this point, but I decided to leave it until another day.